Thank You Letter to Caregivers

To my mom, stepdad, and all the caregivers of people with disabilities, thank you for everything you do.

I’ve had lots of rough days with my health lately, and it’s got me thinking about my primary caregiver, my mom, and my stepdad, who also helps with some things, like making sure I have what I need and caring for me when my mom can’t, and how much I appreciate everything they do for me. They see me at my best, when I have the energy to move and do the things I want and need to do, and at my worst, when I’m in extreme pain, dealing with bad brain fog and memory loss, or so fatigued that I can barely move. They see my anxiety, depression, and so much more, and my mom knows how to calm or encourage me when nobody else does. They see more than pretty much anyone else in my life since I live with them, and I often think they know me better than I know myself.

This is a thank you to my mom, stepdad, and anyone else out there caring for a disabled or sick loved one. I probably speak for all of us with caregivers when I say that we appreciate you more than we can say. I try to tell you how much I appreciate and love you, but I don’t think the depth of what I feel comes across very well.

I’m so grateful when you do things like:

  • Helping to calm a bad twitching and jerking episode in my neck and head in the middle of the night
  • Setting up the shower chair and other things I need to take a shower because you know I barely have the energy to get in there and clean myself
  • Making me a meal whenever I don’t feel well, sometimes without me asking
  • Sitting with me and just being there when things are bad
  • Running me to and from the hospital or doctor’s office and coming to see me or bring me things I need or want during a hospital stay at all hours of the day or night
  • Getting me the few things that seem to help me feel better, like the one energy drink brand we’ve found that actually works on me and often helps me get past my fatigue for a little while
  • Or doing a million other things that may seem small to you

During my good days, I’m also grateful when you:

  • Help me celebrate the times when I feel good
  • Put up with my talkativeness when my energy comes back after a bad spell
  • Help me get to church or other activities when I feel up to it
  • Push me to try to make church or other activities when you think I can handle them but I’m just not sure

I know there are lots more things you do during my good days and bad that I’m grateful for, but listing them all is impossible. I love you and appreciate you so much, and I don’t know where I would be or what I would do without you. You’re there during my good and bad times, and that means a lot to me. Again, thank you for everything you do. I may not always thank you, but when I don’t or can’t, just remember how grateful I really am.

Published by Lanie Molinar

The most important thing about me is that I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My religion is my life and I'm always striving to grow in faith and become more Christlike. I also have several disabilities, but my faith gets me through each day. I'm completely blind, autistic, have both generalized and social anxiety, and struggle with several chronic illnesses. I'm a college student taking courses at Brigham Young University-Idaho Online for a Bachelor of Science in software engineering. I have a dog named Squeaker, because of the funny little noises he makes, and I'm so attached! My hobbies include going to church activities, doing genealogy, reading, studying my scriptures, playing with Squeaker, spending time with family and friends, learning everything I can, listening to music, taking surveys for extra money, working with technology, browsing for cool websites and Android apps, using social media, making crafts, swimming, watching TV, and making ramps and mazes out of Legos for marbles to roll through.

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