I get worn out easily. It gets hard for me to moderate what I do, though.

I get back pain, from my kyphoscoliosis and arthritis. I get these very scary seizure like, but benign, movements from even unconscious stress. I get sinus issues, pretty bad. Sometimes, I get migraines. 

Hence, I can’t fully live the life I usually plan to. For instance, my church had a “Harvest Night” (in place of Halloween), last night.  I was looking forward to heading and maybe getting some goodies. But I was drained, and I felt God telling me to stay in. 

I was upset, but I did  so. I proceeded to have five episodes of those aforementioned movements. I was frustrated.

However, if I had gone to the event, I would have been even worse.

Hence, it’s a constant learning process. Accepting limitations, and using reasonable moderation, is challenging, for me. Nonetheless, it’s worth learning.

If you can relate, keep up the fight

Published by Kate

I am 37 years old. I have chronic pain issues, visual impairment, bipolar, learning disabilities, lately, frequent enough "abnormal movements" that make me a liability in public settings. Nonetheless, none of those define me. I am Christian, creative, hard working, intelligent, kind, funny, and friendly. I enjoy helping others, walking, swimming, dancing, learning new things, meeting new people, learning Spanish and Christian counseling, and very much more! Looking forward to meeting all of you!

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