Word of Mouth

I am blessed to have finally found the resources I need, to both enjoy and tolerate life. Word of mouth has been my primary resource.

I thought I would discuss a few ways I used everyday conversation to get what I need.

1. I try to tell everyone I can about what I am looking for. The problem of working that into a conversation can be challenging. But I found when asked about whether I work, I can say that I admin a Facebook group for people with Multiple Disabilities. So have something you regularly do, that has to do with your disabilities, whether it be physical therapy, contributing to a related Facebook group, a support group, or the such.

2. Ask peers what they have found…duh. But it goes deeper than that. When they can help us, we are often afforded the privilege of returning the favor. So don’t assume you don’t need peers to relate to you.

3. Visualize your typical day. What is it you need? What is it you struggle with? What has helped you, and why? It sounds simple, but you may be surprised by your answers.

4. Research online. Yes, this is about word of mouth. But you MUST do the work, to get to the goods!

Published by Kate

I am 37 years old. I have chronic pain issues, visual impairment, bipolar, learning disabilities, lately, frequent enough "abnormal movements" that make me a liability in public settings. Nonetheless, none of those define me. I am Christian, creative, hard working, intelligent, kind, funny, and friendly. I enjoy helping others, walking, swimming, dancing, learning new things, meeting new people, learning Spanish and Christian counseling, and very much more! Looking forward to meeting all of you!

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