About Lanie Molinar

Hi. I’m Lanie Molinar, the creator of this blog and the associated groups. I decided to create this because I live with multiple disabilities and have been frustrated by the lack of resources and support for people like me. See the About the Blog and Groups page for more about this.

I’m totally blind, autistic, and have a long list of chronic illnesses including an allergy to heat, fibromyalgia, diabetes, undiagnosed skin issues, chronic headaches, gallstones, and several digestive issues. My faith in Jesus Christ is very important to me and helps me get through each day. I know there’s a reason I’m here on this earth, and that keeps me from giving up, although my family sometimes has to help get me out of a slump. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love the Church, the community that comes with it, and everything I learn as a member. For more information about what I believe, visit Come unto Christ, an official Church website.

I’m a college student at Brigham Young University-Idaho online, studying for a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. My school is run by my church, so I get a gospel-centered education with professors who really care. It’s taking years for me to get my degree because I can only handle one class at a time and often have to take semesters off. I’m also teaching myself web and software development on the side because I’m frustrated with my slow progress in school and want to keep my skills sharp.

I’m a Young Church Service Missionary for my church, working to convert Church publications into a format that’s more accessible for blind readers. I have major focus issues, so I don’t do nearly what I would like for my mission, but I keep trying.

If you want to know something about the blog and groups not listed on the About the Blog and Groups page or to learn more about me, contact me using the form on the “Contact Lanie Molinar” page, or use the social links in the footer. If you want to offer to help with the blog and groups, I would prefer that you use the contact form.

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