About the Blog and Groups

Who are the blog and groups for?

They’re for anyone who identifies as having multiple disabilities. It doesn’t matter what disabilities you have. If you have multiple disabilities, this blog, and the associated groups, are for you.

Why create all this?

As a person with multiple disabilities, I’ve struggled to relate to others who share just one of my disabilities. I’ve felt alone and frustrated by the inability to get support or find someone who understands what life with multiple disabilities is like. I’ve also felt like people, groups, and organizations I interact with often take only one of my disabilities into account rather than the whole picture. I’m a member of a few organizations for blind or autistic people, and I often feel like they forget about their members who have more than one disability.

Frustrated by feeling like this, I began to look for support groups and organizations for people with multiple disabilities, and I found absolutely nothing. I found resources for parents of kids with multiple disabilities, but that was it. After thinking about this for a little while, I realized that something needed to change, and that it probably wasn’t going to if I didn’t do something about it.

How can people with different sets of disabilities help each other?

I believe that even though our disabilities are different, we can still help and support each other. We all have at least one thing that unites us: We live with multiple disabilities. We may also have similar experiences and feelings. These groups can provide a safe place for people to meet others who understand what life is like, and maybe find someone with similar disabilities or feelings about life with multiple disabilities.

What is my dream for the groups?

My dream is that one day, these groups will become a worldwide nonprofit organization by and for people with multiple disabilities, dedicated to supporting and advocating for them. It would work with people with multiple disabilities, making sure that their needs are met, and that they always have access to a place where they are understood and accepted. It would also work with existing organizations, including those focused on one disability, to make sure members with multiple disabilities are never forgotten.

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