Available Groups

Click the links below to see the group on each platform. This page will be updated as new groups are formed.


Facebook is a social network most are familiar with. Along with being able to keep up with friends and family, create posts, and follow brands, you can create groups for like-minded people to share and connect. I merged my group with this one, run by Kate, an author on this blog, so it’s now the official Facebook group.


Discord is a chat service that’s popular with gamers, although others use it as well. You can chat with individual users, but it also has groups, known as servers, where you can chat and meet others. Both text and voice chat are available.

Mailing List

Mailing lists make great groups because all you need to join is an email address. Posts and replies can be written on the group website or emailed to a special group email address. New posts and replies can either be sent to you as they come in, as a digest with multiple posts, or turned off completely depending on what you choose.

Want to see a group on a platform where it doesn’t exist yet?

If you use another online platform where a group doesn’t exist yet and you want one there, use the form on the page titled “Contact Lanie Molinar”. I’m open to groups anywhere as long as it’s at least somewhat accessible.

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