My Sleep Apnea Journey So Far

This is about my journey with sleep apnea, how it affects my life, and life with it as a blind person. I’ve encountered some accessibility issues with the machine I use to treat it.

Just Got a New Diagnosis

Today I thought I would talk a little more about my life with multiple disabilities. I just got some news that I’ve been waiting for for a couple weeks and thought I would share it. For several months, my doctors have been encouraging me to get tested for sleep apnea. This started for a couple […]

Welcome to My New Blog on Life with Multiple Disabilities

This blog is meant to go along with the groups for people with multiple disabilities linked on the Groups page. Use the pages to get information about me, the blog, or the groups. If you want to contact me, use the social links in the footer. On this blog, I’ll post news about the groups […]

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